*TeleHealth Appointments

How it works?

  • Book using newly introduced appointment type “TeleHealth” with brief summary using HealthMyself
  • You will receive a confirmatory email for your Telehealth appointment containing the appointment LINK.
  • No need to download an APP !
  • You can join appointment waiting area 5-10 mins prior to the appointment time using the link in the email, there may be little delay similar to in person appointments.
  • you can make this virtual visit using computer or mobile device.
  • (Our Telehealth appointment can only be booked via HealthMyself)

We are rolling out TeleHealth appointments for Dr Dhillon’s registered Patients Only. (For timings click here)
*Please note that video appointments are only meant for conditions that are not emergency and does not require physical examination.

Please read through the conditions/instructions below before booking appointments.

Video consultations may be used for:

  • Prescription refills
  • Review of lab results
  • General health questions
    – Birth control
    – Mental health(Including depression, Stress etc)
    – Diet & nutritional
    *other concerns:
    – STI lab requisitions
    – Smoking cessation
    – Sexual health consults
    – Allied health referrals
    – Sore back/stiff neck

Video consultations must NOT be used for:

  • ADHD follow ups and refills
  • Prescriptions for controlled substances ie Codeine/Tramadol/Oxycontin etc.
  • Benzodizepines ie Valium/Ativan/Clonazepam etc
  • CBD oils or medication
  • Long term disability requests(greater than one week).
  • Travel related concerns/questions.
  • Lab requisitions for “General Health Checks” without any prior history of any health issues requiring such.

Additional information about TeleHealth service:

  • Please do not book appointments before 5 days in advance
  • All booked appointments will be sent a confirmation email containing the appointment LINK.

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