*TeleHealth Appointments

How it works?

  • Book using newly introduced appointment type “TeleHealth” with brief summary using HealthMyself
  • Front desk will send you an email with TeleHealth appointment Link, if you happen to use app (please use same email to register).
  • You can join appointment waiting area 5-10 mins prior to the appointment time using the link in the email.
  • you can make this virtual visit using computer or mobile device (APP available)
  • Demo video(Our Telehealth appointment can only be booked via HealthMyself)

We are rolling out TeleHealth appointments for Dr Dhillon’s registered Patients Only. (For timings click here)
*Please note that video appointments are only meant for conditions that are not emergency and does not require physical examination.

(Based on demand we will be offering more slots in future)

Please read through the conditions/instructions below before booking appointments.

Video consultations may be used for:

  • Prescription refills
  • Review of lab results
  • General health questions
    – Birth control
    – Mental health
    – Diet & nutritional
    *other concerns:
    – STI lab requisitions
    – Smoking cessation
    – Sexual health consults
    – Allied health referrals
    – Colds
    – Flu
    – Sore back/stiff neck
    – Vaginal yeast infection

Video consultations must NOT be used for:

  • ADHD follow ups and refills
  • Prescriptions for controlled substances.
  • Long term disability requests(greater than one week).
  • Travel related concerns/questions.
  • Lab requisitions for “General Health Checks” without any prior history of any health issues requiring such.

Additional information about TeleHealth service:

  • Please do not book appointments before 5 days in advance
  • All booked appointments will need to be confirmed by Admin.